Pixie and Panda are absolutely happy

Hello, we are Persian mix Pixie and Panda and BKH Feline with our owner Christina and we all have something in common: We are bon vivants!

Anifit is a high-quality, healthy meal with a very high, clearly declared meat content. That's why our mum feeds it without hesitation and we know that our mum would never give us anything that could harm us.

We have been getting AniFit for a few months now, preferably the Delice de Coeur variety.

We have got a super thick and above all shiny coat.
My mum is no longer annoying us with her constant sucking, as we shed much less fur.
Unfortunately, this was always the case before.

You can really see the difference AniFit has made.
The wet food provides us with enough liquid, even if we sometimes forget to drink.

The snacks are also popular with us and sometimes even awaken our play and hunting instincts and urge to move!
So we stay fit and vital and enjoy our spoilt cat life!

Mum is totally happy and of course so are we.

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