Melody and Malaika





Hello dear Anifit team,

I became aware of Anifit food through a recommendation. As I am always on the lookout for high-quality food that is also highly acceptable, I contacted Mrs Nederkorn. I had a lot of questions and concerns, as these two girls are really not easy when it comes to food... Thanks to Mrs Nederkorn's patience and excellent advice, I decided to test them. The first variety was immediately accepted by both of them and the first tin was emptied the same evening after arrival...super fast delivery, by the way. I was still sceptical because I know my two too well.... but lo and behold, I tested 4 tins in three days and everything was eaten. It could hardly be better. I've now ordered more and Anifit will become a permanent fixture in their diet. I also work in animal welfare in follow-up checks for rehomed cats and now recommend this food to the new Dosi's with a clear conscience! Greetings to all from Melody (left) and Malaika (right)

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