Lucky finally has good kidney values!





Dear Anifit Team,

We have been feeding our cat with Anifit for about 1 year. We met at an event and got talking straight away. Our cat Lucky is about 15 years old, quite heavy (9.5kg) and has kidney disease. We were looking for suitable food that would be well tolerated by him, i.e. that would take his kidney disease into account. They were very convincing, so I bought a few samples and tried them out at home. You might think that our cat gets a lot of treats, but that's not true, as you have experienced yourself, he can't get anything out of them, no matter what variety or brand. Well, we feed him exclusively with Anifit and can prove it, his kidney values have improved, he is therefore not healthy and continues to receive his medication but he has lost weight during this time, he now weighs only "7.9 kg". He has become livelier again during this time, so that at his age he is getting what we call his "doller 5 minutes" again. I can only say that I am glad that we took this step and switched to Anifit, despite the costs, but our cat is worth it.

Kind regards,

B. Richter from Castrop-Rauxel

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