High level of hygiene

By adhering high levels of hygiene the freshness of the meat is guaranteed and harmful contamination is prevented. Requirements of the international standard for food safety (ISO 22000) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are met.

High Quality

Using a comprehensive quality management system we work on achieving all criteria for good quality, starting from production until shipment of the products. Basis of our quality management system is the international quality management system ISO 9001.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is part of a comprehensive environmental policy and supports the freshness of meat. We work constantly on the concept of “cleaner production”. By adhering to the standard ISO 14000 we ensure to fulfil all legal requirements.


Quality assurance needs external checks from independent auditors. Yearly Checks from a veterinarian of the department of agriculture and half-yearly checks from the quality auditor DNC ensure that all quality requirements in production are met.


Meat hast to be stored adequately and processed quickly to stay fresh. Meat is stored with a temperature between 0 degree and 4 degree Celsius. Not immediately processed meat is frozen instantly.

Animal welfare

Handling of fresh meat also bears a responsibility for the correct handling of animals. Requirements of short distances for animal transport are met same as the consideration of all animal welfare regulations. No animal testing is done.